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An acronym for female assigned at birth. A politically correct way to refer to transsexual, transgendered, genderqueer, bigendered or intersexed people who were raised as girls.
Jake is intersexed and was FAAB, despite feeling like a boy inside.
by silentq October 27, 2010
Abbreviation for "female-assigned at birth." Applies to any person who was pronounced female at birth based on genitalia. If a person is F.A.A.B. and identifies as a female, she is said to be cisgender. If a person does not identify as female, ze may identify as genderqueer, trans* or any number of other gender identities inside or outside the gender binary.
Sebastian is F.A.A.B., but he came out as male-identified when he was a young adult.
by Transman Jack August 14, 2011
Noun. Acronym; means "Flat as a Board". Refers to an extremely flat chested women. Usually used negativly.
Verb. Describes an extremely flat chested women.
Can also be spelled faab, FAAB.

Prounounced like "fab" in fabulous.
Yeah, Elizabeth, she is a complete F.A.A.B.
by Ghettodude October 23, 2005
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