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One who goes on wikipedia and changes all of the definitions to random things totally off topic.
Before: Camel- A large mamel that belongs to the llama family.

After: Camel- What the fuck is a camel

that wikipedidiot just ruined the definition of the best freaking desert llama in the world wtf?
by Ghett0asassin July 09, 2009
in-C.O.D.-nito. the process of being very sneaky on a call of duty game.
player 1- screw this running around bullshit, I'm going incodnito

player 2- where the hell did he go
by Ghett0asassin January 23, 2010
A noob on Call of Duty: World At War who will equip a bayonette on almost every weapon in their arsenal and will kill you with it 5 times in one game. They are very dangerous at close quarters, aka asylum, but are fucked on normal maps.
Player #1 "wtf that bayonette bitch killed me for the third time in a row, do you want to lead him out into the open and beat the shit out of him?"

Player #2 "hell yah"
by Ghett0asassin August 12, 2009
The best soft drink in the history of history. Scientists are still debating weather it was invented by god or Chuck Norris.
If you touch my Dr. Pepper, I will amputate your arm and beat you to death with it.
by Ghett0asassin May 15, 2009
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