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Relating to white-trash inbreds. Usually scary.
Taken from the Harmony Korine film of the same name. See also Deliverance.
Fucking hell, this nightclub's a bit gummo, isn't it?
by Gheorghe Hagi April 19, 2003
A general description of the acts of a muppet.
Jesus, that fuckwit is bringing the art of muppetry to a new level.
by Gheorghe Hagi April 19, 2003
Derogatory term used on the northside of Dublin in the 1980s currently making an unlikely comback.

A close relation of shithead/shitehawk and at its most effective when used in conjuction with 'your ma' style insults.
Deco ye little gickna, I'm gonna burst you if you don't give me that joint.
by Gheorghe Hagi July 18, 2005
The name given to a haircut that's on it's way to becoming a mullet.

An embryonic mullet.
Jari Litmanen; Tony Knowles circa 1985.
by Gheorghe Hagi April 19, 2003
One who loves booze. Similar to booze-hound.
I see you've been on the sauce again, Dukie, you fucking boozebag!
by Gheorghe Hagi July 18, 2005
Alcoholic drink.

gargled = drunk
C'mon down to the boozer for a few gargles, Shambo. All the lads are here and the gee is wall-to-wall.
by Gheorghe Hagi July 18, 2005
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