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Someone who consumes copious amounts of alcohol and remains unaffected.
Megan can hold her drink. She is a total boozebag.
by Fritzkafka July 16, 2005
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an advanced alcoholic, of either gender.
William Shatner is a bloated booze bag.
by Don't Phase Me Bro' July 13, 2008
One who loves booze. Similar to booze-hound.
I see you've been on the sauce again, Dukie, you fucking boozebag!
by Gheorghe Hagi July 18, 2005
a woman who spends every waking hour drinking herself into a drunken stupor.
shit bunny does nothing except get drunk all day, she's such a booze bag.
by less indifference April 01, 2006
A drunk or alcoholic. Turn often used by Massholes/Bostonians.
I met this chick she's super hot but I was kind of scared of her father. He was shit faced a wicked booze bag.
by hgielak September 25, 2014

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