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Wokay is used as an alternative for 'OK' or 'Okay'. Used commonly in the region of Bangalore, India. Influenced by the local language. It is a common slang used amongst netizens all over the city.
This gives a stronger dose of the local yet hyped feeling.
Wokay bro, will catch ya tomorrow then.
Wokay, no problem.
by Ghat June 21, 2006
Also used as a substitute for 'Dude'. Used mostly in the regions of Bangalore, India. Now more commonly popular since the later half of the new decade.
Wassup, Kumar???
Kumar, i met your GF yesterday, man she's ugly!!!!
by Ghat July 08, 2006
The fist, given when something you feel rocks bigtime or you gonna make something happen.

PS - Usually denoted for the Devil's Horns, but looks more like The Fist
Ex 1
A: Shall we hit the stage?
B: Why not?
A & B: *Hit \m/ fists*

Ex 2
Mikael: I got the Corpse album
Oliver: Yeah... way to go brother \m/
by Ghat July 11, 2006

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