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The greatest character to come from Goldeneye. Known for his riddles, perversion, and being invincible.
Yes! I am invincible!
by Ghandiisms February 23, 2005
A famous resort in Brazil. The topic of what I consider to be Barry Manilow's greatest song.
Her name was Lola,
She was a showgirl,
With yellow feathers in her hair,
And a dress cut down to there,
She would...
by Ghandiisms February 23, 2005
Jokes made, but not directly pertaining to, one of ethnic nature.
Ethnic jokes are not for ye if you stand up, und listen to me, if you stand up, und listen to me, if you stand up, then you will see!
by Ghandiisms February 22, 2005
The result of having anal sex with a cow without having protection. Twice.
lolwtf yarr is teh booty of teh pirate.
by Ghandiisms February 20, 2005
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