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Variant - Something to prevent anal rape.
Inmate 1: You gonn' get ass raped!
Inmate 2: Quite untrue good sir, I happen to have fastened my soap to a lengthy cord, allowing for easy retrieval in the case of dropping it in the showers. I call it... Asshole Insurance
by PastaFiend February 16, 2006
26 11
A trick of the skilled asshole; Asshole insurance. The insurance covers all acts of assholery by providing the victim with an assemblage of minions ready to vouch for the legitimacy of his/her actions.

For use in DnD 3.5:
Take the "Leadership" feat at LVL 7 and then "Asshole Insurance" at LVL 10 and you're all set.
What the hell? Another paycut... right before Christmas? Fucking asshole! Goddamn Mr. Smith and his asshole insurance.
by Pastafiend January 04, 2006
8 3