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1. Adjective/Noun. See bulimia.

2. Someone who reads minds. Watch ZOOLANDER (And see himbo).
Someone who is bulimic is someone who has serious eating disorder that occurs chiefly in females, is characterized by compulsive overeating usually followed by self-induced vomiting or laxative or diuretic abuse, and is often accompanied by guilt and depression.

Someone who is bulimic has an abnormal and constant craving for food.

"I'm bulimic", said Matilda.
"You can read minds?" said Zoolander.
by GerbilJiM March 15, 2005
A delicacy in Singapore. Mixed with various ingredients. There are the Chinese Rojak, and the Indian Rojak.

Different ethnic flavours come from different methods of mixing and different ingredients.

The Chinese version normally include a base of lemon sauce and a sweet gravy. Ingredients include fried fritters (Yew Char Kuay), Fried beancurd (Tau Pok), Beansprouts (tau gay), Pineapple (Ong Lai), Cucumber, Radish, and sprinkled with peanut crumbs.

The Indian flavour constitutes a melange of colourful fried foods, potato, fish cakes, and many more yummies! This rojak is normally accompanied with a sweet red coloured sauce.

When things/people are mixed and matched together. Anyhow.
1.The rojak is SEDAP (Delicious)

2.This year's freshmen constitutes a rojak of characters.
by GerbilJiM March 16, 2005
Time To Totally Kick Ass. Watch WHITE CHICKS(and See Phrasonym).
"Triple T.K.A." said Marcus.
"Time to Totally Kick Ass," chorused both Marcus and Kevin.
by GerbilJiM March 15, 2005
A phrase mixed with an Acronym.
For example, Triple T.K.A. OR "What the F?"
by GerbilJiM March 15, 2005

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