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A delicacy in Singapore. Mixed with various ingredients. There are the Chinese Rojak, and the Indian Rojak.

Different ethnic flavours come from different methods of mixing and different ingredients.

The Chinese version normally include a base of lemon sauce and a sweet gravy. Ingredients include fried fritters (Yew Char Kuay), Fried beancurd (Tau Pok), Beansprouts (tau gay), Pineapple (Ong Lai), Cucumber, Radish, and sprinkled with peanut crumbs.

The Indian flavour constitutes a melange of colourful fried foods, potato, fish cakes, and many more yummies! This rojak is normally accompanied with a sweet red coloured sauce.

When things/people are mixed and matched together. Anyhow.
1.The rojak is SEDAP (Delicious)

2.This year's freshmen constitutes a rojak of characters.
by GerbilJiM March 16, 2005
Slang for people of intermixed racial heritage, normally half-asian half-white.

Derived from the Singaporean delicacy (above) that is a mix of different ingredients.
Dude, check out that rojak sitting over there.


Person A: Do you feel like rojak for lunch?
Person B: Dude, that stuff is disgusting. I prefer my rojak's to be human.
#halfcast #halfie #half asian #half cast #asian
by omitb December 10, 2010
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