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Ill Japanese gameshow featuring 5 gangstaz who do crazy things with 1000 times the imagination of that shitty American programme Jackass.
"Yo, we gotta go on gaki no tsukai one day"
by George Payne April 12, 2008
Acronym for Grandmother I'd Like to Fuck. See Anna Ford.
"No doubt, she's 73, but she's definitely a GILF"
by George Payne April 12, 2008
1.) Adjective, British slang. A modern-day phenomenon, often used to describe a mix of quirky, strange, flamboyant, oblivious, annoying, excitable, and idiosyncratic behaviour. Physical appearance can often be classed as nickosee, particularly lankey, awkward, or elaborate in nature.

Invented in North West London, England, nickosee is often misunderstood, and only a handful of individuals understand its true meaning. The concept was invented by an individual called Sam, when he witnessed his cousin frantically dancing when they were both 6 years old. She fell over, looking hot, embarrassed, and exposing her knickers. Sam exclaimed to his family "Urgh she's all knickers-ey!". The word then mutated into nickosee, and is commonly used in the North West London area by a select few people. Recent findings have shown it to have spread to an elite number in Leeds and beyond.

The word nickosee can be shortened to nik.
1.) "Spreading your toes out is so nickosee!"

2.) John had his tongue out in order to concentrate, epitomising nickosee behaviour.

3.) Peanut butter is too nik!
by George Payne April 10, 2008
(The 'O' is pronounced like it is in the word 'Own') A word to describe man with a remarkably huge behemoth of a penis. Larger version of Woj. Is so large it should be given a round of applause at every oportunity, even during dinner with the Queen of England.
"Fucking hell, Patrick is Woje even for a black guy. It's like a baguette stuffed down his pants!"
by George Payne April 10, 2008
A man with a rather large and impressive penis. Smaller version of Woje.
"He was Woj for a Chinese guy."
by George Payne April 10, 2008
Used in North West London to describe an individual who would frequent The Bald Faced Stag in Burnt Oak. Typical attributes include working class, English, round headed, red faced, slightly chubby, and overtly enthusiastic about the joys of the alcoholic beverage.
"I guarantee he drinks alcohol, he looks like a right Stag head."
by George Payne April 10, 2008
A gentleman of Eastern European origins, named after the shapes of their heads, often resembling a calf. Usually seen working as menial handymen on building sites.
"I can't get a job in my own country due to all these cheap calf heads here."
by George Payne April 10, 2008
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