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A secondary posting identity of a regular poster on an internet message board. A poster may develop several different doppels using different email addresses in order to troll and make comments that he wouldn't make when using his primary username.

Origin: The Motley Fool Discussion Boards
JoeBob has 438 doppels. Some examples: JoeShmoe, JimBob, JoseRoberto, JimeRoberto, SaddamHater, FatMan15, PoopyHead, etc.
by George Lucas November 07, 2003
White cock with black balls on a chink. Usually causes good sex.
Man I fucked that chink with the skeetnet last night it was so wonderful I blew me load all the way to china.
by George LUcas January 01, 2006
When, without your knowledge, someone has already posted a message to an internet message board that contains principally the same content as what you've just posted.
Agh! TrippinDude already posted the defintion of "doppel!"

I've been greeked!
by George Lucas November 07, 2003

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