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What you say to a new mexican weed dealer when you want to be discreet.
guy: hey dude you got any more of that green chile.
Dude: hell yes but this one is even hotter than the last one.
by george January 20, 2005
the act of giving oral sex.
damn she gives good domie.

damn he gives good domie.
by george August 21, 2004
a bitner is a hat like you wear on your head. one of the bucket kind.
these people are idiots its a fricken hat
"hey dont steal my bitner"
by george January 29, 2004
A word used by Bulgarians. Often used as a measure of speed or velocity.
"I am dropping them off then I'm... going to peace"

"I am peacing in my V Double U"
by George March 05, 2005
Poo, crap, shite, faeces, excrement.
"Cor, len's just done a huge kank!"
by george September 30, 2003
Cars designed for shirt-lifters
love is good, love is golden,
love should be made in the back of a Holden,
if you don't like it, if you get bored,
become a homosexual and fuck in a Ford!!
by george December 20, 2003
Frequent Sex
Made popular by Big Pun Rip. In Still not a player.
"Still not a player i just crush alot"
by George December 11, 2003
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