2 definitions by Geohn

1)A gaming console for people who want to play games, but don't want to be made fun of for it.
2)A gaming console that any noob can own face at.
Person One: I'm gonna go home and play my Xbox 360.
"Cool Kid": Pfff Loser!
Person 2: I'm gonna go home and play my Wii.
'cool Kid": Hey can I come?
Gamer: I can't believe my mom beat me at Wii Sports?!?
by Geohn January 21, 2009
Term given to a friend one has over Xbox Live.
I'm gonna go on Live and play Halo with a couple of my xbuds.

Do you know him in RL?
No, we're only xbuds.
by Geohn January 20, 2009

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