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The killing of more than one ant at a time.
"Dude, stop the kreme. You can't light that many on fire. Tis illegal."
by Geoff March 27, 2003
When you write gay on your hand with chalk and then apply your hand to the jacket or sweatshirt of another it will imprint a the word "gay" on the jacket or sweatshirt.
Make sure your write it backwards, for if you don't you will have "yag" written on your fellow friend.
by Geoff March 14, 2003
A female wedgie. Especially noticable in bathing suits.
"Amanda had a VW Bonnet in swim class today!"
by Geoff December 11, 2002
An edpidemic sweeping urbandictionary.com in at least half of their definitions. Symptoms include putting your own opinion in definitions of concrete nouns, phrases, etc. and belittling the opinion(s) of any and all dissenters.
See Same-Sex Marriage, Scott Peterson, Macintosh, or any other subject that maybe be under even one circumstance a slight bit of a miniscule fraction controversial.

Um....there's also a bit in this definition.
by Geoff June 06, 2005
A variation of the word crunk. Implies even greater drunkeness.
>Dude, we got so crunk last night.
>>Dude, we got crunk-fernackle last night!
by geoff March 16, 2005
cool hhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhh
sharpy you are soooo cool ...yea right
by Geoff February 02, 2005
Someone fond of showing others his bum crack, then rubbing sand in it.
Look at that hairy bumbak.
by Geoff April 17, 2004
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