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13 definitions by GeoDave

The frequency of one's defecation
Kevin has a high fecquency - dude is always sitting on the toilet
by geodave October 29, 2011
Enormous, free-swinging, gigantic, awe-inspiring, usually used in conjunction with describing a set of testes.
Bob always knows the temperature of the toilet water, because of his stupendulous balls.
by geodave October 31, 2012
A sexual term referencing both intercourse and a disparity in age between the two having intercourse.
Heather doesn't like being called a whore or a cougar, she just likes doing the math. You know, how many times will 18 go into 48.
by geodave December 27, 2012
A vagina-rich environment
Club Foot is always vagiferous on Ladies Night!
by geodave November 25, 2012
The awful condition experienced when you wipe your butt so vigorously that you pierce the toilet paper.
Between his haste to get back to his blind date and the cheap toilet paper, it was inevitable that Vincent's trip to the bathroom would end in fudgefinger.
by geodave March 24, 2013
The art and science of being bombastic enough to get people to listen to you, even though you're just a windbag.
Russ's bombasticism made for good ratings, despite his utter lack of content.
by geodave January 19, 2013
A stylized image of a snake performing oral sex upon itself. Related to the Ouroboros.
The symbol of the Oralboros spraypainted on walls meant we were crossing into Greenwich Village.
by geodave February 09, 2013