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Really, really genuine. Origin: West Texas English. See also, "nucular". Not a Bush-ism, but could be.
I'm not kidding, this is some genuently good chicken fried steak, and I defy you to refudiate me on that.
by Genonymous March 11, 2011
1. A Windows 2000 server that is no longer supported by Microsoft and which must be rebooted frequently to remain functional. 2. Alternately, any computer which must rebooted with frequency.
User: The timekeeping server is unresponsive. Help!
I.T. : Looks like that's the new Reboot Dunce.
User: Can we try turning it off and on again?
I.T. : Exactly... and, done.
User: So... same time tomorrow?
I.T. : Grrrr...
by Genonymous January 06, 2012
Burning the dung before it has left the anal cavity.
Who left all these candles in the bathroom??? I almost set off a dingle flame in the crapper!
by Genonymous February 03, 2012
1. a once fine ass that is fine once more

2. an ass that you can enjoy again and again

3. A computer that must be rebooted so often it is comical.
"You see that rebootilicious intern in accounting?"
"I wouldn't mind turning that off and on again."
"You're a Reboot Dunce!"
by Genonymous January 06, 2012
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