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Someone who goes to shows/concerts, (usually Emmure fans) dressed like they're going to play Basketball.
They often times adopt a "gangster" demeanor, and will go out of their way to spin-kick, and 2-step towards you.
They're usually the semi-obese male with the crappy tribal tattoos and the fitted cap.
Always in possesion of their cigs, gym shorts, nike dunks worth more than their exsistence, brass knuckles they bought at a mall, generic band tee.
Bro-core kids will most likely be in a group, so if one of them moshes into you, prepare for a "fight" with anywhere from 2 to 67 other bro-core morons.
Chris: Dude, that show last night was sick!
Steve: Yeah, except for those bro-core assholes who kept slamming into us.
Chris: Leave 'em alone, that's what happens when retarded gangsters steal instruments.
by GenocideFace May 28, 2011
Cutting the legs off of skinny jeans to make shorts, getting sort of Huckleberry Finn look, hence the name.
John: Did you see Dave wearing huckerbees?
Mike: Hucker-whats?
John: Skinny jeans with no legs on them.
Mike: Oh, So skinny shorts.
John: Yeah, pretty much.
by GenocideFace April 27, 2010

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