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A cruck silly bachelor pad where mad hunnies come to get naked; or a specific room in the home where sillyness commences.
Nadra ain't all about Matt & AJ's Sexitorium and Beer Pong Tournament Grounds
by General Burnside May 19, 2007
Something so delicious it makes you say "this ___ is delicious."
Will: Can't you imagine him saying, "this gum is delicious."? This gum IS walt bagwell delicious!
by General Burnside June 04, 2007
Something amazing, outrageous, surprising; usually yelled or shouted. Denotes a positive experience.
Chappy started yelling CRUCK SILLY!!! after the goal by cistaro.
by General Burnside May 19, 2007
While making out with a woman, put your hand around the vagina and check for bumps related to any STD... ex herpes. A term popularized at the FC Hammond Hockey Rink.
AJ: Man, I gave her the biometrics test in the tv room, its a lock she failed!

Matt: Dagger!
by General Burnside June 24, 2007

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