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7 definitions by General Asswipe

The male reproductive organ. Made Popular my Borat.
Its Hrum not Hram you damn retards.
by General Asswipe November 19, 2006
An expression meaning great in a ball way.
Man yo mommas jalumba is balltastic.
by GENERAL ASSWIPE June 26, 2006
a fagot author that spends too much time on this site. Don't get me wrong this site is great ... but man! get a life!
Hi I'm urban pervert i have fun making definitions like penis vagina and custard canon.
by General Asswipe January 31, 2007
A popular soup in africa made with chicken legs and bull balls.
I only got three balls in my jalumba.
by General Asswipe June 29, 2006
A popular game where you randomly make your cock pop out of a box with holes while the other player tries to wack at it with his own cock.
Man you wanna play wack a cock? Ok but only up to 20.
by GENERAL ASSWIPE June 26, 2006
The refreshing juice that comes out of the girls poonani.
Man i could really go for a bottle of poonerade.
by GENERAL ASSWIPE June 26, 2006
Nuclear retardation diesease where foot grows out of testi satchel
My uncle went to chernobyl and came back with a bad case of foot ball.
by General Asswipe July 06, 2006