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A euphemism for oral sex.
The young couple didn't want to have sexual intercourse, so they had French Sex instead.
by Gene Wonka February 08, 2009
Sex in which a man places his penis between a woman's butt cheeks and slides it up and down until ejaculation.

George liked to have Italian Sex with Gina because she had a large ass.
by Gene Wonka February 08, 2009
The appearance a woman's anus and vulva make when she's bent over nude. It is further enhanced if the woman's butt cheeks are spread open.
Dude, Debbie was teasing me last night and I totally saw her keyhole when she bent over for me!
by Gene Wonka October 07, 2007
A Jack Pack is pornographic material that is snuck into a jail or prison that is wrapped in plastic for repeated use. The possessor of the jack pack can lick the back of the plastic wrap and stick it to the shower walls while the prisoner masturbates. The possessor can either use it for themselves or they can rent it out to other prisoners for items from the commissary.
Bill: Man, I've been locked up for 14 years and I haven't gotten pussy since. I really could use a shower and a jack pack.

Tom: Hey there guy, I've got a jack pack; you can have it for the night for a can of tuna.
by Gene Wonka March 27, 2010
Extra innings means anal sex in accordance to the home run euphemism (where first base is kissing, second base is petting, third base is oral sex, and intercourse is a home run).
"Dude, I didn't even think I was going to get to first base with Carla, but we ended up going into extra innings!"
by Gene Wonka May 04, 2007
Acronym for "Hot Piece of Ass"
Guy 1: Did you see that cute brunette with the glasses and skirt?

Guy 2: Yeah, she's totally a HOPA!
by Gene Wonka August 10, 2010

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