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The appearance a woman's anus and vulva make when she's bent over nude. It is further enhanced if the woman's butt cheeks are spread open.
Dude, Debbie was teasing me last night and I totally saw her keyhole when she bent over for me!
by Gene Wonka October 07, 2007
when a bullet fired from a gun strikes its target at a funny angle, the resulting asymmetrical hole looks like a keyhole, hence the name. usually caused by a worn or damaged barrel, or poor quality/incorrect caliber ammunition.
that ancient pistol i inherited from my grandfather is so worn out, half the time the bullets will keyhole and the other half of the time i can't even hit the target.
by facefault November 12, 2011
Pounding the pussy so hard with such a massive member that it thins or demolishes the taint leaving only a keyhole shaped chasm.
DAMN! I gave that ho a keyhole last night!
by Dudeman Rokk August 11, 2011
A nicer version of asshole.
You friggin' keyhole, shut up!
by RedRabbit October 01, 2004
Someone who is a jerk.
He's such a keyhole! He never stops insulting me. He's quite annoying!
by Junglejim1 January 16, 2009
Town drunk of Sauk Prairie. Do not headbutt or you will be injured. Has been known to "keyhole" a beer in .85 seconds and did a keg stand of 4 minutes and 20 seconds. Has retarded people assist him rolling joints. He had to wear a 40 lb. vest in jail.
Keyhole can keyhole a beer in .85 seconds.
by Billy Tomcat January 05, 2005
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