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The absolute value of the variable 'o'. Also similar to the word, lol.
Coding in the language of C#:
Calculate |o| when o = -1337.

int o = -1337;
o = Math.Abs(o);
MessageBox.Show(o.ToString() + " code. :p");
by GenGi500 May 01, 2006
Woot out loud; yelling out excitement. See also woot, w00t.
<Fake-Alias01> Illegal fireworks, anyone?
<Fake-Alias02> Wol!
by GenGi500 July 02, 2006
Slang to get rid of noobs out of your sight, respectively. It is also used for people who want to have a relationship with you and want to become friends in seconds when still, you do not know them.
<"The-Noob"> is this farklem, the creator of dothlao
<Superior> What do you want?...
<"The-Noob"> i just wanna say ur awsome, but u dont have to give me attitude.....do u think i can have ur aim. Im a good friend of hizlo
<Superior> No, I was not giving you attitude. Text does not have feelings. I'll give you a sierra tango foxtrot uniform if you go away...
<"The-Noob"> wats that. and all i wanted was to be ur friend
<Superior> ...
<"The-Noob"> u sounded so nice in that halomods interveiw
<Superior> Dare-ni mukatte mono itten-dayo.
by GenGi500 July 07, 2006

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