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4 definitions by GemmyFizzle

A vagina that hasnt been broken in.
Jo- 'Claudia are you still a virgin?'

Claudia-' ye i still have a peppered pasty'
by GemmyFizzle October 16, 2006
3 2
A chav term that means 'mate'
Ere' mushting, do you mind taking your fuking cock out my ass??!!
by GemmyFizzle October 15, 2006
2 3
Another word for !brap! or for people who cant beatbox.
Claudia- 'oooo innit this tune is fukin mint !!BOP BOP BOP!!'
Gemma- 'yes its wel spunky!! cnt help but beatbox along !!BOP BOP BOP!

Jess and Jo- 'fukin !!BOP BOP BOP!! mushtings!!
by GemmyFizzle October 16, 2006
4 29
Another name for the womans vagina
'oh my god!! Dave have you seen how nasty, Flora's pasty is??'
by GemmyFizzle October 16, 2006
11 46