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The best game ever invented for guys to constantly spam the Trade channel in search of a mate (via a female "WTF IS A FEMALE OMGCYBERMEYAY!) and get the occasional Night Elf girl (really a half-naked hairy 20-30 yr old dude) offering to cyber... This game is heaven!!!
Logged on to server. Joining World of Warcraft Chat channels...

/2 Trade Cybermeyay: LF Girl, PST, must really be a girl!
/2 Trade lolfuxed: Hey, wanna meet on myspace?
/2 Trade Cybermeyay: score! omgomggirlgirlkthx
/2 Trade lolfuxed: ... ? wanna' see my NE dance baby?

I've got a mage on Azgalor! Name's Gematria, omgpstme!
by Gematria August 28, 2008

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