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Pronounced "Scrinjee" a cross between Scroungy, Scruffy and Dingy and Cringe.

Means any thing, place, person etc that is raggardy arse, filthy, crappy and generally shabby.

Also an effective term to describe Pete Doherty, King of Scringe...

Other variations include; Scringe, Scringyness, Scringily, Scringiest
"look at this food, man that cabbage bit looks scringy"

"look at that stray dog, aw he's so scringy looking!"

"eew that soap scum in your shower is pretty scringy dude"

"Oscar the grouch is so Scringy, his garbage can is even more Scringy"

"why have you been wearing that same sock for 3 weeks, thats scringy bro, I bet that sock is real scringy by now"

"wow look there goes Pete Scringe Doherty, everything he does is so scringy"
by GeezerJones August 28, 2009

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