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A name for the relationship between the Doctor and one of his companions, Rose Tyler, in the British TV show Doctor Who.
People who use this term are usually shippers.

Some people dislike the term Drose because it is skeptical which incarnation of the Doctor is being referred to. Usually it is the Ninth or Tenth (as these are the incarnations Rose travelled with).

DROSE ia also the name of a lost-forum thread standing for Doctor and Rose Obsessors Society of Evilness.
omg, that episode had so much drose!

i love drose *sob*
by Geeeba August 31, 2006
Leyton is a name for the pairing of Lucas Scott and Peyton Sawyer on the CW show, One Tree Hill.
Fans of this pairing are generally awesome. Ahem.
Leyton is Mark's baby.

Leyton totally got together omg those Brucasers were so wrong.
by Geeeba December 06, 2006

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