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Popularised by Homer Simpson, 'The List' is populated by things/people/places/etc you hate, and will experience your vengeance, in this life or the next.
All right, Econo-save, you just made the list!
by Gecko October 30, 2004
There is different tones this word:
one is inosent tone meaning yes
one is sacastic tone meaning no
one is "im to high to understand u" meaning maybe
-Did you run over your grandmother, boy?

by Gecko March 01, 2005
The greatest nickname in the movie "Outside Providence" starring Alec Baldwin. Has nothing to do with an ass or a bag.
Hey Dildo, why don't you and these other assbags get outa here!
by Gecko March 29, 2005
Fuckin a biatch and when she is cumming, she pisses all over your dick.
Somthin smells tangy, did you have a piss orgasim on me?
by Gecko February 14, 2005

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