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4 definitions by Gazman

A very tight grip on the end of your penis just at the moment of ejaculation, usually accompanied by a scream or grunt.
He had a choke strap on my cock that made it numb and I screamed with delight.
by Gazman April 01, 2004
4 0
best db player in germany
klex owns
by gazman October 20, 2003
6 3
best db player in germany, he rox the house.
klex > all germans
by GazMaN October 20, 2003
5 5
Opening up new pastures when the old one has gone all dry and barren. Usually refers to recently separated males with no front teeth.
When ma ol lady left me I just took hold of ma old fella and ploughed me some new ground with old Betsy Ross next door.
by Gazman April 01, 2004
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