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A woman's vagina that looks so loose and floppy that it resembles a thin skinned foot ball that has been busted.
busted footy (noun): "I was gonna go down on her but when she opened her legs and showed me a busted footy, i couldn't stop thinking of all the massive dicks she must have copped."
by Gashsmasher777 February 24, 2010
Omelefy (verb): The act of fucking a chick so hard and for so long that you turn her previously perfect little pussy into something resembling a raw omelette.
Zach - "Dude, have you fucked that hot bitch who keeps staying over your place yet?...."

Heath - "Nah man,... She's just a cock teasing little blue balls enforcer... If i ever do get the chance, i'm gonna absolutey omelefy her!"
by Gashsmasher777 February 24, 2010
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