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is when someone consumes ten 40 oz bottles of malt liquor, 10 lbs of their favorite laxative, 4 large bricks of cheese, and a variety of different food coloring. This is a stunt that can be done jumping from a trampoline, break dancing, or in vert skateboarding, though it's recommended that a trampoline is used. The tricky part is next as the subject, smashed out of their tree, and completely naked, vaults themself high into mid-air, does a quad flip, double twist, and lands in the hand plant position. Then with a series of violent rotations begins to shit with great force, and a beautiful array of color. Stand back at least 50 feet or so, wear eye protection, and plug your nose when witnessing such an event.
Although that was absolutely disgusting, that hand plant butt sprinkler rainbow was rather impressive. I think that dude needs a nap though now.
by GasHuffer12 August 17, 2008
A serious case of a swollen itchy gootch. Often painful, especially after sub-consciously scratching at it all night in your sleep. Treat with a topical cream, and leave it alone. Eventually, the itch will subside resulting in much shedding of dead choda skin.
Frank: "Dude, I got a really nasty case of the geitchz. I hope its not from that hooker I tea-bagged last night."

Tom: "Man, I told you to stay away from those $20 bitches. Quit picking at that shit, you're grossing me out."
by GasHuffer12 August 13, 2008
is the catcher in a homo-sexual relationship. He takes it from the pitcher who delivers a red hot fast moose knuckle ball.
Andy: "Look at that ass cunt, what a fag"
Gary: "Hey, that hurts my feelings"
Andy: "Fag!"
by GasHuffer12 August 17, 2008

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