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1. the act of asking another partner to ejaculate oneself by means of rubbing of ones penis by hands (a fucking handjob)
Hey baby, while your up can you get me a beer and spooge my strap
by Gary Smith March 03, 2003
An exclamation made while pulling ones pants up a small distance, approximatey less then 4 inches.
I was scarred to go into the kitchen where the plumber was until I heard him say chapultapec.
by Gary Smith December 06, 2003
A word once used to mean "Garbage Bag", which has now changed meanings. Now it is used to represent Ravers after a huge night out. "Cough E`s Cough" are a big part of the picture.
1."Mr Gary sir?, you are a dirty dirty dirty Trashbag."

2."Lets go out for a Trashbag night!"
by Gary Smith May 08, 2005

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