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1. An error message that appears on the Microsoft Windows 9.x platform. It may appear because of hardware problems, driver issues, viruses, a problem with Windows, overclocked processor or other reasons.

2. An error message that appears on the Micrsoft Windows NT/2000/XP platform due driver or hardware problems. It is also referred to as a "STOP Error" because the word "STOP" is displayed at the top of the screen. The NT/2000/XP blue screen of death usually provides more detailed information than the Win 9.x blue screen of death.
1. Bad RAM has been known to cause the blue screen of death on Windows 9.x computers.

2. A driver problem may cause Windows NT/2000/XP to display a blue screen of death containing a physical memory dump.
by Gary Destruction June 10, 2003
Abbreviated "OS", an operating system is software that provides the user with an interface as well as hardware support and support to run and use applications. Operating systems also accept input and display output by communicating with hardware and interacting with any respective applications or system software that might be using that hardware.
Windows, Windows NT, MacOS, UNIX, Novell Netware, DOS, BSD and BeOS are all examples of operating systems. Linux on the other hand, is a kernel.
by Gary Destruction June 21, 2003
1. Electronics: Transistor to transistor logic
2. Networking: Time to live; the amount of time a record will remain cached.
1. Logic circuits use TTL
2. You might want to change your default TTL 128 if it's not already.
by Gary Destruction June 11, 2003
1. A 32-bit Operating System with a graphical interface and 16-bit backwards compatibility for older applications. It was created by Microsoft Corporation.

2. A name that may refer to Windows NT or Operating Systems based on Windows NT such as Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Windows NT and it's variants were also developed by Microsoft Corporation. They are true 32-bit Operating Systems. They are not the same as Windows 9.x (3.1/95/98/ME).
1. Windows 3.1 is still used by some businesses today.

2. I downloaded and installed Service Pack 5 for Windows NT 4 Workstation.
by Gary Destruction June 13, 2003
A woman with issues
Yo mama's so fat, it took 500 pages just to fit her in Guiness
Yo mama's so fat, when she ran for congress, she represented 10 states
Yo mama's so fat, she auditioned for Terminator 3 and got the part as the human resistance
Yo mama's glases are so thick, she starts fires everytime she reads
Yo mama's teeth are so yellow, she has to wear sunglasses to look in the mirror
by Gary Destruction April 02, 2004
A 64-bit processor created by Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). It is capable of handling 32-bit applications with no compromise in performance.
The AMD(R) Operton(TM) is the latest edition to the growing family of processors from Advanced Micro Devices.
by Gary Destruction September 08, 2003
Mobile doomday device and base that supervillains Shredder and Krang used on the Archie cartoon and comic versions of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Oh no! Shredder and Krang have managed to get the technodrome free from Dimension-X!
by Gary Destruction September 08, 2003

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