13 definitions by Garth

a group of 6 girls who are the SHIZZNIT!..they also are EXCELLENT at tping so beware!!!!
Shoot the blowpop bandits got me again!but dang they are the shiz!
by garth August 04, 2004
Someone who is always fiddling with their brown ring
Wash your hands you ass mongler!!
by garth February 21, 2003
The wooden fork you get in chip shops to eat your chips with
"Sporks are so cool"
"Now lets not forget the works"
by Garth May 09, 2004
describing stoners who fart. A stoner whom proceeds to fart, is therefore "skiffy".
Hippie: "Only skiffy stoners fart"
Silent Bob: "...."
by Garth November 21, 2004
(verb). A car that has been thrashed is one which has been raced by a boy racer. Such cars may look nice, but are fucked enginewise.
That car's nice but it's probably been thrashed.
by Garth August 04, 2004
The name given to a penis after it has encountered anal intercourse followed swiftly by a blow job.
The pudding pop i ate was so sloppy my face looked like i just tossed a garden salad
by Garth January 19, 2004
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