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The best of the best, excellent quality, someone or something of high status
1. Those 100 spoke gold rims are the Don Mega of all rims!
2. Have you seen Arnie in Pumping Iron, he has Don Mega arms!
3. I know the dollars you have, but this pinky ring is the Don Mega of all pinky rings!
by Garkus May 12, 2008
Used to describe something in immaculate condition or very well presented. Originated in Canberra, Australia around 2002...
I called him up and had a look at it for you and the front bumper-bar chrome is jumaculate but the rest of the car is ordinary.
by Garkus April 20, 2005
A large mpeg file that got emailed around the office containing an asian woman sticking her whole fist into her mouth then vomitting a yellow liquid into a bucket. Then she proceeds to drink the vomit from the bowl, then using her fingers she fishes out the lumpy bits and eats them, then she vomits some more. The emails original name was changed to \'lunch\' to trick collegues into opening the file.
ex: \'Hey, have you seen that \'lunch\' mpeg - it\'s fucking gross man!\'

ex: \'He got me with that \'lunch\' mpeg again, I keep opening it by mistake!\'
by Garkus April 26, 2005
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