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an MC from england who has really put spice into the UK hip hop scene. Very Poetic in his words. and with great beats backing him, makes him a worthy contendor for the best uk rapper of the time.
by Ganjzilla!! August 31, 2003
when a woman is SOOO fat, that she appears to have breasts on her back due to a tightish bra.

I once met a fat krusty with greasy ginger wrestler mullet hair of this ilk. and then i found out she had her clit pierced. i was very ill.
Man 1 : oh my f**king days that girl has got back boobs man.

Man 2 : RAHHH!!! that is some nasty shiz-nit
by Ganjzilla!! August 31, 2003

looks a bit like that

if u have a stick insect willy :D :D

and btw rob u must be a bit phucked if u have a hairy penis, most people tend to get it around the area where the penis connects to the body, you hairy helm boy.
Man 1 : damn that rob's got a hairy penis!!

Man 2 : damn i'd hate to have a hairy helm of uber proportions

by Ganjzilla!! August 31, 2003

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