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5 definitions by GangstaBoi

Slang word for Houston, Texas.
Guy: That rapper Mike Jones is ill, where he from?
Thug: H-Town foo'!
by GangstaBoi February 19, 2006
1. A short and wide Joint.
2. Insult towards an obese person.
1. Yo lets go roll a fatty!
2. Here fatty, come get your brownies!
by GangstaBoi February 21, 2006
A ganster slang word derrived from neighborhood, usually talking about the ghetto or where all the gangsters and thugs live.
Guy: I am from the trailer park, where are you from?
Thug: Da hood!
by GangstaBoi February 19, 2006
1. Place where all the gangsters, pimps, hoes, crackwhores, drug dealers and homeless people live.

2. Term to describe a bad ass person
1. Guy: Where do you live?
Drug dealer: Da ghetto foo'!

2. Guy: Whoa! He just robbed that hoe!
Drug dealer: He is ghetto fo' sho'!
by GangstaBoi February 19, 2006
Slang word for prostitute or slut. Used by rappers.
Guy: Who is that girl in your apartment?
Rapper: Just some stupid hoe!!
by GangstaBoi February 19, 2006