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An internet meme involving puting something inside of something else, that is usually the same thing, in order to achieve carrying out a ceratain action while carrying out the same action. Most uses begin with the phrase "Yo Dawg"
A: Hey man, you want to hear an Exzibit Joke?
B: Sure, why not.
A: Ok, here goes. Yo dawg, we put a car in your car, so you can drive while you drive.
by Gameguy602 April 20, 2010
A duck that somewaht resembles a demon, has strange powers that make it a very good distraction. Appears multiple times in the web-comic El Goonish Shive.
Hey look! is that some sort of demonic duck?
by Gameguy602 May 01, 2010
Being a moron for the sake of being a moron.
Being a moron for the sake of being a moron is... moronic.
by Gameguy602 August 07, 2010
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