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3 definitions by GamefreQ

There's nothing to fucking do. Go to Brandon.
Duuuude. School's off tomorrow, but we live in Riverview, FL. Lets GTFO and go to the movies in Brandon.
by GamefreQ March 31, 2010
Combination of WTF and FTW, making WTFTW, or What the Fuck For the Win, usually referring to something random and deserving of a WTF, but being cool or funny enough to deserve an FTW as well.
"Hey, I just stretched a 300 word essay to 1000 words!" said Bob. "WTFTW!" I replied.
by GamefreQ August 30, 2009
I Love My Life So Much, as in ilml with further exaggeration.
I'm the President! ilmlsm! - President Obama
by GamefreQ September 01, 2009