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The art of sniffing Ladies bike seats in warm/hot weather.
Best performed on a tandam with the Lady at the front whilst going uphill.
Are we going out snurding today love?
The weathermen say it's going to be cracking the flags!
by Galoot of the Grove June 09, 2004
This word can mean anything that you want.
Best used when memory loss has occured or when there are people around that wouldn't appreciate the word that it is intended to be.
"Look at the furtle durtle on that!"
In this case furtle durtle means VW beetle bonnet on a Lady in extremely tight pants in a crowded drinking establishment.
by Galoot of the Grove June 22, 2004
Very pert Ladies nipples caused when aroused or on a cold day.Can usually be seen best when it is not snurding season.
"Look at the rivets on that! There like blind cobblers thumbs!"
by Galoot of the Grove June 09, 2004
To masturbate after lying on your hand for several minutes making it numb thus becoming invisible.
"I gave my invisible hand a good shag last night"
by Galoot of the Grove June 09, 2004
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