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A Walking Wikipedia is someone who appears to have more definitions inside them than the famous online dictionary. They will bring up nuggets of amazing information, usually totally irrelevant to the conversation and totally pointless. They are generally admired by people for their knowledge of pointless facts.
Guy 1: 'So did we have any English homework?'
Guy 2: 'I think so, yeah'
Guy 3: 'Did you know that a pig's orgasm lasts for 30 minutes?'
Guy 1: 'Alright you walking wikipedia, thank you but i'm a little busy right now'
by Galactrix93 November 06, 2009
A more sophisticated way of saying Lol, used to feel more unique than just saying Lol like everyone else.
1st Guy: 'What do you do when your dishwasher stops working?'

2nd Guy: 'I dunno'
1st Guy: 'Hit her!'
2nd Guy: 'Lolage'
by Galactrix93 November 06, 2009
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