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A person who has lightning fast reflexes and always knows your weaknesses. As mentally sharp as they are physically strong, they are aloof and stoic, prefer to wear dark colours, know how to fly a helicopter, and usually have a past shrouded in mystery.

A Hoskins will either make a tremendous ally, or a highly dangerous and intimidating adversary.

Women will be attracted to him.
Leonard “your opponent today is a Hoskins”

Phil “Shit……”
by galacticbeetroot July 21, 2010
adj. Anything cunning, sneaky or underhand.

n. A deceitful, slimey or unscrupulous person; a thief or a conman.
Todd "Where's my wallet?"

Keith "I dunno, but there was a greasy old guy walking very closeley behind you five minutes ago, and he looked like a snave to me."

Todd "I think I saw him - short-arse, string vest, hairy arms?"

Keith "That's the one. Look, he's over there by the grocery stall, go get him."
by galacticbeetroot August 29, 2010
To chontle is to talk with a mouthful of food.

Can be done coherently or incoherently - either way it's still rude.
Chontle will not be tolerated at this breakfast table young man, tell me when you've finished your cornflakes.
by galacticbeetroot July 21, 2010
Windblown premiership footballer spit.
Rio Ferdinand misjudged the flight of the ball when a globule of Frank Lampard's flesp landed in his eye.
by Galacticbeetroot August 25, 2010
A lanky or clumsy person who is crap at football and actually has no skill, but they think that they are Ronaldinho.
Damn, looks like we're taking a bunch of Wainwrights to the World Cup again....
by Galacticbeetroot August 25, 2010
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