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One who cobbles cock: A lonely old man of scottish fairy tales know as the cock cobbler who comes and makes your cock into a delicious cobbler at exactly 4:55 in the mourning for a community bake off and sells it for a premium.
Steve: Go to sleep tom or your the cock cobblers gonna come and get you tonight
Tom: I hope he comes and cobbles your cock like theres no tommarrow
by Gabriel Sheetz February 18, 2008
When a goon dick has an ass kicking coming to him and refuses to take it like a man and runs away: Refering to the runningback for the New Orleans Saints Deuce Mcallister
Stewart:Why wont Jared quit being a deush mcallister and just take the ass stomping he deserves
Steve:I dont Know but its gonna be 10 times worse now
by Gabriel Sheetz February 18, 2008

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