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A competition to see who can get more baked, i.e. who can smoke more weed.
Person 1: Holy shitt dude, this is my 29th bowl.... ive reached the plateau i think, can't do this bake off anymore..

Person 2: Stop being such a puss! I'm on my 69 bowl and I ain't even buzzed yet! *passes out*
by nirvana4lf December 27, 2008
A competitition who can smoke the most chronic without going down for the count.
Dude, I smoked that dude under the table in that bake off. His eyes were rolled in the bck of his head by the time I sparked that last blunt.
by ZenPunk66 December 28, 2008
When two or more stoners get together and see who can smoke more pot. In other words, who'll get "baked" first.
Dude, Mike totally dominated us all at the bake off last night. He smoked about an ounce of chronic and didn't even act stoned when we went to McDonalds for munchies.
by commiebobo December 27, 2008
Where two or more people get together and see who can bake the most cakes or other bakable foods in a designated amount of time.
Sometimes you can win bonus points for decoration.
"Ready, Steady, Bake!"
"Well done you won this with 22 cakes!"
"Let's Bake Off!!"
by Johnny 'Steel' Steelmen December 30, 2008
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