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A family that opens their Christmas presents on Christmas Eve night as opposed to Christmas morning. Usually done in families with no young kids that believe in Santa Claus and/or cannot wait for the next morning.
I spent christmas break with my girlfriend's family and saw that they're Christmas eve openers since they have no kids under 11.
by Gaaraofthedamned December 23, 2011
A real place where you will be sent at the first sign of defiance
The enrichment center reminds you that android hell is a real place where you will be sent at the first sign of defiance
by Gaaraofthedamned December 17, 2011
The best day of the week until February 2011, when a 14 year old girl named Rebecca Black released the song by the same name and officially ruined the day for just about everyone. Now saturday and thursday have officially split the glory once held by friday.
Person A: Thank god it's finally friday.
Person B: You know what that means *plays "Friday" by Rebecca Black"
Person A: OH DEAR GOD NO!!!! FUCK!!!! AHHHH MY POOR EARS!!!! *puts on Van Halen Ahhh that's better. *to person b* play that song one more fucking time and I will physically remove your internal organs and feed them to my dog!
by Gaaraofthedamned November 26, 2011
Much like Con Withdrawl. A feeling of emptiness following any major holiday, mainly Halloween, Christmas, and in some cases Birthdays.
It's the second week of November but I'm still going through Holiday Withdrawl from Halloween. I know Xmas is coming up but that'll only end in holiday withdrawl as well.
by GaaraoftheDamned October 31, 2011
Song by English Post-Punk band Joy Division from their Licht und Blindheit EP as well as at least one of their greatest hits albums. The song gained huge popularity when Nine Inch Nails did an amazing cover of it for the soundtrack to the 1994 movie The Crow.
Someone take these dreams away
that point me to another day.
A Duel of personalities
that stretch all true realities.
-From Dead Souls by Joy Division and later covered by NIN

RIP Ian Curtis and Brandon Lee
and thank you Trent Reznor.
by Gaaraofthedamned April 28, 2011
A fictional organization from the alternate reality game to the Nine Inch Nails Album Year Zero. The purpose of the Bureau is to keep citizens in line and make sure they aren't doing anything they consider "un-american" such as expressing dissapointment with the government. Extreme punishments are handed down to people who do break their laws and use their voice.
Our schoolboard's really become the Bureau of Morality, it sucks!
by Gaaraofthedamned January 18, 2011
There are two potential definitions for crimson ghost:

A. A classic Horror film from 1946.

B. The title character of the above mentioned film.

C. The mascot for the horror punk group The Misfits, who adapted it from the above mentioned movie. It is featured on most of their merchandise and on most of their CDs/Singles. Due to it's dark look a lot of people wear it without knowing much, if anything, about the band.
Kid A: Hey did you ever see the movie The Crimson Ghost.

Kid B: I heard about it, but right now all I know is that it's the logo for The Misfits.
by Gaaraofthedamned December 29, 2010

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