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Probally the best creation known to mankind or at least anyone who is lucky enough to attend NDP. Gym meet is the most intense event of the school year. The planning starts the second week of September and goes until the first week of May. The only reason why girls would stay after school until 5 every day from january to march (7pm if youre a laxer) and the only reason we would give up are friday and saturday night, eventhough we have victory parties afterwards(4th place victory parties occur too). The new 8million dollar gym is trashed with class colors. It a time where girls make formations according to thier themes in blue tunics, starch white blouses, ankle high socks, and of course KEDS. Where girls sign together with the whole class. Then follow aerobic 70 girls decked out in french braids and white tape sufficating thier tenis shoes. Followed by dance where girls make thier costumes out of $1.25 budget.We all know freshman start out with plastic bag costumes and then senior year the girls are decked out in full costume made out of shiny material. The week prior to gym meet is filled with doing absolutely no school work. Instead practices, dress rehersals, mini meet, and signing night where the seniors dress the campus while underclass man trash the street of ruxtun, towson, lutherville, seminary rd, hampton lane, and of course loyola. You know its gym meet when you see hundreds of cars decorate included the girl's boyfriends (unwilling of course). I place where the silver cup is cherished but getting a plaque is good too. Seniors always when because if they dont the school knows they will never donate as alumni, but if your class gets 10pts under the senior class score (like class of 05) you know you really one. If you wanna see how much fun gym meet is just check webshots. GOOOO GYM MEEET You will only grasp the full concept of gym meet unless you attend there, are a parent, alumni, or a teacher
Whats your favorite part of ndp?
Thats a stupid question.
by GYM MEETIZLE May 29, 2005
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