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Very similar to the European Coughdrop but with some festive tweaks... a sexual position that needs 3 people to complete successfully. First, there is a man suspended over a bed using an over-complicated system of pulleys and has a wreath around his neck. This man has dipped his balls in some sort of spice concoction such as, nutmeg, cinnamon, pine needles etc... There is a man operating the pulleys, preferably nude with a Santa hat on. He is standing off to the side of the bed. There is a woman on the bed, dressed as a Christmas Elf, either blind-folded or legally blind, whose mouth is lined up with the suspended man's balls. When the 2 men are ready, the pulley operator jerks the pulleys up and down, causing the suspended man to hit his balls rapidly on the face of the feeble unsuspecting victim. She begins coughing from a combination of spices and lack of oxygen.
Miso: Hey, lets get Nicole in for the Christmas Coughdrop.
Jordan: That's a great idea; I'll just put down my Eggnog and grab my pulleys
Miso: Perfect! We'll deck her halls.
#coughdrop #christmas #nude #pulleys #european coughdrop #elf #sex #sexual #position
by GSP_15 November 30, 2010
When a guy ejaculates all over a girls mouth / lip area and when she is staring up at you you punch her in both her eyes - thus resembling the eye wear of a raccoon along with the foaming mouth area
I was with Mary last week and I performed the Rabid Raccoon. Her eyes are finally back to normal
#rabid #raccoon #ejaculate #sex #punch
by GSP_15 October 25, 2010
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