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When a man lies on his back during anal and spins the girl round on his cock.
dat gal was dizzy afta ad L gave her a Magic Roundabout
by GSG January 10, 2007
When you put saggy genetalia in a coke bottle.. then watch a girl get naked so your fella gets wedges in the bottle then slap the girl with the bottle which at this point should be tightly on your meat.
your sister pissed me off dan so a Coke bottle massacre was in order.
by GSG January 07, 2007
the act of dressing up as charlie and covering your penis in chocolate and making your bitch suck you off while singing the oompa lumpa song
hey bruva, ben and dan ooompa loompa'd you girl last night
by GSG January 07, 2007
The act of having a bath of milk with a kangaroo then indulging in sexual acts, possibly an anal toss..
shit dan check dis ben i was soo off mi neck d ova nyt ended up avin a milky roo ..
by GSG January 07, 2007
having anal with a girl whilst fisting her in order to toss urself off
yo ben n dan had a rare anal toss wit dat bitch blood everywhere
by GSG January 07, 2007

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