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2 definitions by GSD Ste V B

To perform or simulate masturbation in a situation where it would not be wise to do so.
"hey is that guy scratching his crotch in a nursery?"
"aww man thats a danger-wank right there"

"did you hear about those guys that got arrested for indecent exposure?"
"they call it that, but it was just the danger-wank tournament"
by GSD Ste V B June 13, 2006
randomize – to make random sentences of randomly random randomness upon the random subject that randomly is, most randomly likely, also random.........random
”he randomized the randometer with random randomness concerning its randominity randomizing abilities of random randomness”

”the randometer was randomly randomized by the randomly random randomaster of random randominity of which the randomly random randometer randomly randomizes randomly
by GSD Ste V B June 13, 2006