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A smartphone user who disdains SMS text messages in favor of email.
Since Russ got a smartphone, he's become a total emailitist. Whenever he receives a text, he only responds by email.
by GRSkeptics March 02, 2011
Egonym: (n) a word that, if used to describe oneself, is automatically not applicable. Examples are "cool," "punk" and "famous."
The word "celebrity" is an egonym. If you call yourself a celebrity, you probably aren't.
by GRSkeptics December 20, 2010
n: A non-Canadian who nevertheless evinces an extreme interest in Canadian culture. Experiencing the condition known as Canadianthusiasm.
Meeting a pretty girl from north of the border was enough to turn Jake into an instant Canadianthusiast.
by GRSkeptics July 01, 2010
The maxim which states that one cannot refer to any woman as a mother on the Internet, without prompting a response that mentions Oedipus or his eponymous complex.
"Jenny wrote a blog post about her kids, and the first comment she got was about a reader's newly discovered Oedipal complex. It's Jocasta's Law in action."
by GRSkeptics February 09, 2010
n: Excitement for or about the condition of being a Canadian citizen. A non-natives who experiences the symptoms is referred to (with only a small amount of scorn) as a Candianthusiast.
On Canada Day, Julie showed her Canadianthusiasm by drinking beer and singing "O Canada" to her pet beaver.
by GRSkeptics July 01, 2010
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