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The greatest punk rock band to come out of Melbourne, Australia and these guys rock!!! I own their albums: The Living End, Roll On, and Modern Artillery. It's the only punk rock band that is my favorite out of all punk rock bands out there!!
The Living End makes the greatest Australian punk rock music ever!!
by GOP_Rocker June 10, 2005
A great ska-punk rock band out of Orange County, California that have two really good albums, one is It Means Everything in 1997 and Modified in 1999. It's been a really long time since they ever come out with something new, but Save Ferris is really talented and a great band!! Some good songs are Come On Eileen, The Only Way to Be, I'm Not Cryin' For You, and Mistaken.
Save Ferris rocks!! I wish they can make a tour in the Bay Area.
by GOP_Rocker July 02, 2005
A Communist left-wing organization at De Anza College in Cupertino, California and other universities/community colleges who waste their time protesting against the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, President George W. Bush, California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and about raising tuition fees. They basically interrupt classes during sessions to grab students' attention for free speech.
Students for Justice is like a Marxist/left-wing organization, but formed by students and faculty members at De Anza College and other community colleges and universities in the South Bay Area. Students for Justice are a bunch of "girlie men"!
by GOP_rocker April 26, 2005
The most coolest British prime minister from the New Labour Party and a strong U.S. ally. Thank god he's not the president of France who coward us on Iraq. Way to go to Tony Blair!!!
Tony Blair is the best British prime minister ever!!!
by GOP_Rocker April 19, 2005

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